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Hi, I’m Amy, born and raised in Madison, Pennsylvania

(a small town just outside of Pittsburgh) and I am now a resident of Long Island, NY.  Being the daughter of an artist, my enthusiasm and appreciation for creativity was always a significant part of my upbringing. From painting and drawing to singing and dancing, the arts became an outlet for me to grow and discover who I was, where
I excelled and what I truly enjoyed.


Photography has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.

My parents had an incredible talent for documenting my childhood on endless rolls of film. Each photo unique in its own way and such a beautiful representation of the imaginative life that I lived.


I still remember the moment I picked up my first digital SLR camera.
I felt something exceptional and I knew it would be a part of my life forever. Then the moment my first child was born,  my passion for photography was taken to a new level. I knew I had something special to offer my kids – their life captured one moment at a time through my photographs.  Those infectious giggles and milestones, both large and small, are something that we as parents wish we could just bottle up and save forever.


It is my goal as a photographer and an artist to compose, create and deliver images to my clients that are unique in every way. Photographs that embody my passion for this timeless art form.  Photographs that you, as a client and parent,  will look at twenty years from now and feel something special.


Amy Cannon is a member of the National Association of Professional Children's Photographers and currently resides in Long Island, NY.  Amy Cannon Photography specializes in non-traditional, children's creative portraiture -  finished in both custom color washes as well as rich black and white.

Contact Amy for specific packages and options to fit your needs.